Independent (independent)

(a) A projection of the first 1024 points onto the first two dimensions. Note the sample clumping.

The independent sampler produces a streamof independent and uniformly distributed pseudorandom
numbers. Internally, it relies on a fast SIMD version of the Mersenne Twister random number
generator [40].
This is themost basic sample generator; because no precautions are taken to avoid sample clumping,
images produced using this plugin will usually take longer to converge. In theory, this sampler is
initialized using a deterministic procedure, which means that subsequent runs of Mitsuba should
create the same image. In practice, when rendering with multiple threads and/or machines, this is
not true anymore, since the ordering of samples is influenced by the operating system scheduler.
Note that theMetropolis-type integrators implemented inMitsuba are incompatible with themore
sophisticated sample generators shown in this section. They require this specific sampler and refuse
to work otherwise.

Parameter Type Description
sampleCount integer Number of samples per pixel (Default: 4)

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