Stratified (stratified)

stratified_a.png stratified_b.png
(a) A projection of the first 1024 points onto the first two dimensions. (b)The same samples shown together with the underlying strata for illustrative purposes

The stratified sample generator divides the domain into a discrete number of strata and produces a
sample within each one of them.This generally leads to less sample clumping when compared to the
independent sampler, as well as better convergence. Due to internal storage costs, stratified samples
are only provided up to a certain dimension, after which independent sampling takes over.
Like the independent sampler,multicore and network renderingswill generally produce different
images in subsequent runs due to the nondeterminism introduced by the operating system scheduler.

Parameter Type Description
sampleCount integer Number of samples per pixel; should be a perfect square (e.g.
1, 4, 9, 16, 25, etc.), or it will be rounded up to the next one
(Default: 4)
dimension integer Effective dimension, up to which stratified samples are provided.
The number here is to be interpreted as the number
of subsequent 1D or 2D sample requests that can be satisfied
using “good” samples. Higher high values increase both
storage and computational costs. (Default: 4)

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