Mitsuba Blender Addon

Authors: Wenzel Jakob, Bartosz Styperek, Francesc Juhe

This directory contains the addon for Mitsuba Renderer <-> Blender integration. It is based on the excellent LuxBlend 2.5 code from Luxrender project.

Mitsuba Blender exporter tries to convert Blender all scene information to Mitsuba Renderer format. Custom properties panels are added to Blender UI to set Mitsuba Renderer options and custom attributes.


Copy this folder to Blender addons folder and then enable Mitsuba addon on 'Addons > Render' section of Blender 'User Preferences' panel.
After enabling the addon, configure the 'Executable Path' setting in 'Mitsuba Engine Settings' render panel by selecting the folder where Mitsuba Renderer binary is installed. Blender might have to be restarted after configuring 'Exectuable Path' for Material preview to work.


Supports all Mitsuba integrators:

  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Direct Illumination
  • Path tracer
  • Simple volumetric path tracer
  • Extended volumetric path tracer
  • Bidirectional path tracer
  • Photon mapper
  • Progressive photon mapper
  • Stochastic progressive photon mapper
  • Primary Sample Space MLT
  • Path Space MLT
  • Energy redistribution PT
  • Adjoint Particle Tracer
  • Virtual Point Light (Hardware)
  • Adaptive meta-integrator
  • Irradiance caching

Supported samplers:

  • Sobol QMC sampler
  • Hammersley QMC sampler
  • Halton QMC sampler
  • Low discrepancy
  • Stratified
  • Independent

Other features included:

  • Direct output of Mitsuba format scene and serialized mesh file
  • Binary PLY mesh files output
  • Partial export of mesh objects, avoids exporting already exported meshes
  • Support for dupli objects and dupli groups
  • Support for particle objects and groups
  • Preliminary support for Blender Hair
  • Basic SSS shader support
  • Environment maps (only one allowed per scene):
    • HDR environment maps - using hemi light
    • Sun & sky environment map - using sun light
  • Multiple materials per object support
  • Dielectric material - glass
  • Conductor material - metal

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